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All About Therapy

How I Work

I believe therapy is about facilitating change. Clients come to therapy when life is not working. Joining with a therapist allows patterns to be investigated and altered, insight to be gained and distress to be tolerated.

Research tells us that the relationship between therapist and client is key. Through this relationship old ways of thinking and acting can be gently changed to a new way of seeing and behaving. 

I use a variety of modalities to help facilitate this change - Cognitive Behavior Therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), Person-Centered and Solution-Focused. Each of those modalities is effective for different goals and treatment plans.

In addition to different modalities, I also use a variety of tools to help in therapy. These tools are the Enneagram, worksheets, relaxation exercises and bibliotherapy.

With guidance, clients set goals for therapy and I work to meet those goals. They are a benchmark for progress. In addition, they keep our focus on where we want to go which may lead to new goals. 

As technology continues to expand opportunities in other areas of our life, it can also help with therapy. Using secure, confidential video software, online counseling is now an excellent option.

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